Greek Food

Greek food is typical of cuisine from the Mediterranean, and shares many similarities with Italian and Turkish food.

Extremely popular around the World, Greek food typically contains meats such as chicken, pork and rabbit, as well as herbs, vegetables, grains and bread. Wine is an important element of Greek cuisine, as is seafood, with prawns, shrimp and swordfish being particularly common ingredients. Other notable ingredients in Greek recipes include aubergines, cheeses and yoghurt.

As with Italian cuisine, Greek food widely utilises olive oil, which is considered to provide numerous health benefits. Olives are an integral part of Greek cuisines; either as a fresh ingredient or by using their oil for cooking or dressing Greek salads.

Desserts are a popular element of Greek cuisine, with nuts and honey being a characteristic ingredient of sweet Greek dishes.

One dish in particular is often considered to be definitive of Greek culture; Fasolada. A bean soup made of beans, tomatoes, carrot, celery and olive oil, Fasolada is often referred to as the national food of the Greeks.

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